Jul 05

New Photoshoot

I have recently did a new photoshoot for a new aerial anchor show I created.

Emily Cage Aerial Anchor

Emily Cage Aerial Anchor

I am glad to share here with you the new photos and a short video of the “Behind the Scenes”

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Jun 27

Man in the Moon – Aerial Hoop Tutorial

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May 10

Compass / 1 Leg Hocks Split – Aerial Hoop Tutorial

Compass / 1 Leg Hocks SplitWhen you get strong enough to put both legs in Hocks on the top of the hoop you can go ahead and learn this move.

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Feb 06

Why Should I take Aerial Classes?

Students during class

Students during class

I Had a conversation today about a photo that a girl posted of herself doing a dangerous hang with the wrong technique. When I wrote her that this is done in the wrong way and she can fall on her head she replied that it’s just for “fun”, to which I have replied – “fun” can kill or make you crippled.

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Oct 17

Arrow – Aerial Hoop Online Tutorial

Arrow - Aerial Hoop Tutorial

The Arrow is a posture I found on my favorite aerial hoop book.











This is the book I go to when I need some new ideas.


Livre Méthodologie Cerceau – aerial hoop book

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