Aug 21

What’s Next?

I would like to start this post by saying “i’m sorry” for all of you who feel like I’ve neglected you.

On the ferry making our way from the UK to the continent

I changed countries (again), moved from UK (London) to Germany (Berlin).

In the past few months my husband and I didn’t know where we will live and I was a bit out of my game but now i’m back!

I am going back to train seriously and though I tried to maintain my power i didn’t really do anything artistic since May, so the next 2 months (starting week 2 of September) will be all about going back to train with my aerial acrobatics trainer, my contortion trainer and my lovely friend and trapeze partner.

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Jul 05

New Photoshoot

I have recently did a new photoshoot for a new aerial anchor show I created.

Emily Cage Aerial Anchor

Emily Cage Aerial Anchor

I am glad to share here with you the new photos and a short video of the “Behind the Scenes”

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Jun 27

Man in the Moon – Aerial Hoop Tutorial

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May 10

Compass / 1 Leg Hocks Split – Aerial Hoop Tutorial

Compass / 1 Leg Hocks SplitWhen you get strong enough to put both legs in Hocks on the top of the hoop you can go ahead and learn this move.

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Feb 06

Why Should I take Aerial Classes?

Students during class

Students during class

I Had a conversation today about a photo that a girl posted of herself doing a dangerous hang with the wrong technique. When I wrote her that this is done in the wrong way and she can fall on her head she replied that it’s just for “fun”, to which I have replied – “fun” can kill or make you crippled.

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