Feb 06

Why Should I take Aerial Classes?

Students during class

Students during class

I Had a conversation today about a photo that a girl posted of herself doing a dangerous hang with the wrong technique. When I wrote her that this is done in the wrong way and she can fall on her head she replied that it’s just for “fun”, to which I have replied – “fun” can kill or make you crippled.

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Nov 30

Bird’s Nest – Aerial Hoop Tutorial

Bird's Nest - Aerial Hoop TutorialThe Bird’s nest is a beginner move suit for hoop and trapeze.

You might find it hard to do at the beginning because sometimes students have difficulties to push their pelvic to the other side once the legs are in the right flex position.

My advice is – as always – get somebody to spot you, but as he / she spots you ask them to help you move your pelvic to the right place and to go out of it.
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Nov 25

Aerial Hoop Manual – On Sale for End of Year

aerial hoop manualSpin City are now doing an end of year sale for their hoop and pole bibles!

This is a great opportunity to get a manual that will help you widen your horizons and learn new postures!
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Here’s a good read from an Inspiring blog belongs to Kristina Nekyia’s Fit & Bendy

Nov 12

The Battle Between Strength and Flexibility / Yuri Marmerstein

Photo by Brandon Wells https://www.facebook.com/brandonwellsmedia

Photo by Brandon Wells

I came across this note on Yuri Marmerstein’s Facebook and wanted to share it with you:

“The battle between strength and flexibility is ongoing. When we gain one, we lose the other.
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Oct 17

Arrow – Aerial Hoop Online Tutorial

Arrow - Aerial Hoop Tutorial

The Arrow is a posture I found on my favorite aerial hoop book.











This is the book I go to when I need some new ideas.


Livre Méthodologie Cerceau – aerial hoop book

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