1005159_10151677566109827_1851684341_nHi everybody,
My name is Emily Cage and i’m a burlesque and aerial acrobatics artist.
I am the owner of FlyFit – an aerial fitness studio.

When i opened my studio my goal was to bring other perspective to fitness.
I used to hate going to the gym, to walk on some trade mill or to lift some heavy iron things that i don’t even care about, and because i was bored by that i didn’t practice at all.

When i discovered aerial acrobatics, by mistake, i completely fell in love.
Not only did i find a magic way to practice, at the end of every practice i couldn’t wait for the next time i will be in the air again. As one of my students once said “there is something magical about being upside down” and i couldn’t agree more.

Also, the fact that i got so much stronger and so much more flexible, made me realize how fabulous is my body, and i learned to trust my body again. It also changed the way i see my body. I used to look in the mirror and see faults, now i see muscles, i see my arms, my abs and my back muscles and i LOVE them. I LOVE MY BODY.

When i started teaching my goal was to make other people fall in love with their body, to see themselves in a new way, to learn to trust again, and it worked!

I have decided to expand the circles of my studio, and to open it for outsiders, so i decided to create FREE online lessons for people who want to get more flexible, stronger and to learn aerial acrobatics.

In this website i will bring my own lessons, i will recommend other’s lessons, books and other things that are connected to aerial acrobatics.

I am always happy to hear what you have to say, suggestions, requests etc.
Please write me. And if you want to know what I do on my shows you are welcome to my artist’s website: www.emilyscage.com

All my love,

Emily Cage