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Angel / Mermaid – Aerial Hoop Online Class

Angel / Mermaid – Aerial Hoop Online ClassI love this beginners pose!

This is one of the first poses I’ve learned. It is relatively easy but there is a lot of transitions you can do going into it and coming out of it, and of course it is very very pretty.

As usual the names in my country are a bit different so what people usually call Mermaid is what we call Angel. Sorry for the mixing…

In aerial acrobatics you mostly use explosive-power, and since the body can only use so much of this power you have to find poses where you can rest in so that your body will renew it’s energy. It takes only a few seconds to renew this energy, so i use these “resting” poses that require minimum power to get my strength back. The Angel is one of those poses.

After you do it a few times and you understand where you are and how to come back, you can use it as a very beautiful resting point.

I know this pose has a lot of different names, if you know of other names, please let me know so that i can add them.

Have a great week!

Emily Cage

One thought on “Angel / Mermaid – Aerial Hoop Online Class

  1. Emily,

    I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful videos, information and instruction…I just put my very first hoop up yesterday after dreaming about this for a long time. I’ve watched all of your tutorial videos, and your performance too! I’ve started doing your warm-up stretch (I’m not very flexible yet, but I know I will improve with time). Your advice, slow motion replays and lovely smile really motivate me to learn the hoop and love it. I look forward to more from Fly and Fit!


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