Arrow – Aerial Hoop Online Tutorial

Arrow - Aerial Hoop Tutorial

The Arrow is a posture I found on my favorite aerial hoop book.











This is the book I go to when I need some new ideas.


Livre Méthodologie Cerceau – aerial hoop book

The Arrow is a simple beginners move, it is a “resting” move. It doesn’t take much strain and it is very beautiful. It is also a good way to move from sitting to Front Balance.

Please watch the video and than read the explanation on how to go from the Arrow to Front Balance:


How to move from the Arrow to Front Balance

When you are in the Arrow position put back the free hand on the lower part of the hoop. Slide the top arm also to the low part of the hoop and than your body will be in the preparation pose to front Balance. Now, all you need to do is slide your body a bit to the center to come to this position:

Prep. for Front Balance

Preparation for Front Balance on Aerial Hoop


I hope it is clear. If you have any question, please write me.

Emily Cage

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