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Bird’s Nest – Aerial Hoop Tutorial

Bird's Nest - Aerial Hoop TutorialThe Bird’s nest is a beginner move suit for hoop and trapeze.

You might find it hard to do at the beginning because sometimes students have difficulties to push their pelvic to the other side once the legs are in the right flex position.

My advice is – as always – get somebody to spot you, but as he / she spots you ask them to help you move your pelvic to the right place and to go out of it.

Please take under consideration that this movement is shifting you into back bending, this means that you need to warm up your back before you do it.

Also, you need to have a good grip on the hoop so please – get somebody to spot you and even to put his / hers hands on top of your hands in the first time you do it, so you will feel the weight that your hands will take.

Here’s the tutorial – Enjoy!


Write me if you have any questions.


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