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Aerial Animals – Circus Equipment

Aerial Animals – Circus EquipmentHere is a post from the Trapeze Group on Yahoo, that I thought of re-posting:

“Just want to let you know that Aerial Animals, in partnership with Ludwig, has developed and tested its aerial straps and has numerous aerial schools and professionals using them.
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About Get Bent CD (I love it!!!)

So… I bought the CD “Get Bent” by Fit & Bendy and i tried it.

This CD is very good for aerial acrobats and people who wants to work on their flexibility.

I really enjoyed  the explanations and the calmness in this video. This CD is an over all body workout and is really working on your flexibility.

I also got some very good ideas regarding warm up, so all and all I think that this is a very good investment.

Get BentI will take a photo of my bridge tomorrow and in 2 weeks, and I will let you see see the progress.

Emily Cage