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The Good Coach The Bad Coach – Part 2, What Types of Coaches Did I Meet?

I’ve been in the aerial acrobatics world for almost 10 years, that means 10 years of taking classes and meeting many different kinds of trainers. Some were really good and some… as you can read from Part 1 of this post were not that amazing. All of them shaped me to become the kind of aerialist and performer I am today and I am always searching for more trainers to learn from.

So here is a list of some of the prototypes of trainers I got to know in these past years:

The Performer Type: This trainer will teach you but on the way will perform for you. He will show you how to do a certain trick or maneuver but will perform it for you, he will ask you to adore him and will not always teach you how it is done. These kind of trainers not always see their students, not always very attentive and will not let you to get into their level. They like to stay at the top.

You should know – as a student you should be the focus of the class and not your trainer. You are not here to give your trainer a tap on the shoulder and to cultivate his ego, you are here to learn and this is what you are paying for.

The Encouraging / Fighting Type: Now this is the type of trainer you want. This trainer is fighting your fight. He will encourage you to get better, he will know where to tell you to push more because he is attentive and he cares, he can see you and knows your limits, even when sometimes you don’t know.
I was very lucky to train with some trainers like that.

The Self Love Mirror Gazer / Endless Talker Type: this trainer is very similar to the performer. He will use his students as a mirror or will use an actual big mirror to look at himself during class. He is also very similar to the endless talker, the trainer that will not shut up. He will tell you about life and philosophy and other things and you will find out that though you paid for an hour / hour and a half, your minimum time on the apparatus was maybe 15 min. in total.

The Humiliating Type: Well, if you didn’t read part 1 of this article you should read it to understand what this type of trainer is about, and it is not nice. This trainer will never make you feel good about yourself, even when you done right he will find something else that is wrong. These types of trainers are like vampires of souls. They are only happy when they prove you wrong. You really don’t need this attitude in your life, aerial acrobatics and is hard enough.

The Goal Above All Type: This trainer will set goals for the class, which is a very good thing! He will come with a plan, written or in his head, and the class will be very organized and everybody will know what they are suppose to be working on. This is a very good way to learn and get stronger, the problem I had with these kind of trainers is that sometimes the goal is everything, even if some students couldn’t do what was planned for them the trainer continued with his plan. So don’t be shy, tell your trainer if you think he is moving too fast, ask for more time and go slow.

The No Plan Type: In classes with this kind of trainer you feel like it’s a big mess. You are not really sure what you suppose to do and often student start doing their own thing. It feels like a big waste of time. If your trainer didn’t take the time to prepare for class and for you, maybe he does not deserve to be your trainer. I believe that acrobatics needs to be learned layer on top of layer and each one needs to be well worked on and trained on power wise, flexibility wise as well as trick, so how on earth will you learn something that has to be learned layer on top of layer if the trainer didn’t prepared you for this?

There are many more types of trainers I am sure, and many mixed types and it’s your job as a student and as a customer to check if your trainer is good for you. Do you really learn things? do you feel good and confident in yourself during class and with the knowledge you gained? Does your trainer listen to you? Are you happy? Do you trust your coach with your life?
If you do – You are lucky!

Tell me about the kind of trainers you know.

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