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The Good Coach The Bad Coach – Part 1, How I Fell On My Head

The Good Coach The Bad Coach - Part 1, How I Fell On My Head

This post is long over due.

A year and a half ago I fell from a trapeze. I never fell from my hoop or from any other aerial apparatus. It was very frightening, it was shocking but most of all – it wasn’t my fault. It was my (now ex) trainer’s fault.
The minute i fell i was lying on my face, on a thin thin mattress and i was shocked, frightened, scared, i was afraid i will not be able to move anymore, i was afraid i will not be able to walk. I was devastated.

I was really lucky that there was a thin mattress because my (ex) trainer didn’t want to allow me to put a mattress. He used to laugh at me that I am a chicken that i ask for a mattress, that I am a ridiculous because i am afraid of heights, that i am not strong enough and basically useless.

This last time he wanted to make me do a somersault under the trapeze with no mattress, and although I specifically asked him to let me put a mattress he started shouting at me again for being a chicken etc. I wanted to die of shame and seeing my watery eyes he agreed for that, but only for a very thin mattress.

The trapeze was about 2 meters high, not too high, and I did my first try. I really didn’t want to do it, i don’t do dynamic because it is not my kind of movement and I didn’t see any reason for learning this trick but my trainer said that i must do it. If i wasn’t going to do it he said he won’t train me anymore, so i did.

First try was horrible, i just started and stopped in the middle, my hand just didn’t want to let go of the bar. I was petrified and I knew that this mattress will not stop me if I fall. He made this horrible noise that meant come on! so I tried again and told myself no matter what happens I let go of the bar this time, I must do it, so I did but my swing was not high enough and from 2 meter I just fell flat on my face, on my had, the whole body weight on my head and face, down to the thin mattress.

I couldn’t move, I couldn’t breath, I felt so ashamed as the other people on the side were looking and I didn’t know if i broke my neck or not. He didn’t do anything. At some point he saw I was crying so he tapped twice on my shoulder.

I started to move and got up on my fit and decided to stay though my legs wanted me to run away. The trainer just moved to another student started teaching him something else and they all just ignored me. I decided to stay because i knew that if i will leave now i might not go on any aerial apparatus in the future.

I remember that they worked on side plank so although I had a huge head ache and felt really bad i started doing it. At some point I though to myself “Fuck that, this person does not deserve to train me anymore” and I just packed my things and left.

At that point I realized that he is working for me and not the other way around and i fired him. I never came back.

It took me a few months to get rid of the dizziness and the fear and to gain my self esteem but i over came this issue with the support of a very good trainer that I found later.


So what will be on Part 2 of this blog?

I would like to tell about the different trainers that I met during my years of training, so were good, some were bad. I hope this blog will help you to pick the right trainer for you.

2 thoughts on “The Good Coach The Bad Coach – Part 1, How I Fell On My Head

  1. Glad you came out “ok”, as head/neck injuries can devastating! This is a much-needed post for people to understand the risks involved and to be careful when putting their lives into others hands. Can’t wait to read Part 2!

    I’ve been in a similar situation with an (ex) pole instructor about 4 years ago. She was training me on tricks I had yet to develop core strength for nor an adequate understanding of pole. Falling (without a mat) or doing things sloppy wasn’t a big deal to her. At one point (what I did is hazy), my back gave and left me unable to move. She told me to get back on the pole and spin it out! Seriously, I literally couldn’t take a step forward. My body was ANGRY and it refused to move.

    I left the studio in extremely bad shape and the doctor had found that my SI joint had slipped putting my back into spasms. Then went into physical therapy to find my lower vertebra, sacrum, SI joint, tailbone and pubic bone were all thrown out of whack. Now I’m left with a lifetime of pain to remind me to be careful.

    That being my first instructor definitely created some mistrust in all other trainers. I’m very picky whom I work with and do my best to understand where to draw the line when I feel fear. When I finally returned, I took it much slower with an instructor that promotes slow and steady.

    1. Wow this is a horrible story! I guess there are so many of us that hide their story. I really don’t get that “spin it out” attitude and i heard and saw it so many times.
      I am so sorry that this has happened to you… stay strong!
      Thank you for sharing.

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