Which Hoop is the Best for Me?

How to pick an aerial hoopI’ve been asked many times questions like:

  •  “How do i know which hoop is right for me?”
  •  “What size hoop should i get?”
  • “what is the difference between single and double point hoop?”
  • “Can i hang a hoop in my house?”

So i decided to answer these questions and give all this information and than some.


  • How do i know which hoop is right for me?


There are different types of hoops.

There are single point hoops like this hoop from Fire Toys:


Single Point Aerial Hoop

There are double point hoops like this hoop from Fire Toys:


Fire Toys Double Point Aerial Hoop

There are hoops that are thicker and there are hoops that are thinner and there are heavier and lighter hoops.

So… what is the difference?

The single point hoop will spin faster than the double point one.
On top of the double point hoop you can do different exercises than on the single point one, so it really depends on what you like, what you are used to, and what you are interested in.
You can choose a thicker or thinner hoop according to what is comfortable to you, bigger or smaller hands might be an issue here.
A heavy hoop will spin faster than a lighter hoop.

After you take all these factors under consideration, you are now one step closer in deciding which hoop is good for you.


  • What size hoop should i get?

the simple answer to this question is – you measure.

But measure what?
well, you measure the height between your feet and your lower back.

You stand like in the photo bellow:


This height is the inner diameter of your hoop.


  • Can i hang a hoop in my house?

Don’t hang your hoop yourself. You need to have a concrete ceiling or a concrete belt, you can’t hang your hoop of a regular building blocks ceiling.
Hire somebody who knows how to do it – a professional, and ask an engineer’s advice – Don’t do it yourself!

So here you go, I hope I have helped you to get one step closer with your decision in which hoop you like.


If you have any edit suggestions or questions regarding this article, I will be more than happy to know.



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  1. Hey I have a question about what types of clips you need to attach the hoop to the ropes?

    What kind of ropes/chains should I get to support the weight of the hoop and performer?


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