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What’s Next?

I would like to start this post by saying “i’m sorry” for all of you who feel like I’ve neglected you.On the way from London to Berlin

I changed countries (again), moved from UK (London) to Germany (Berlin).

In the past few months my husband and I didn’t know where we will live and I was a bit out of my game but now i’m back!

I am going back to train seriously and though I tried to maintain my power i didn’t really do anything artistic since May, so the next 2 months (starting week 2 of September) will be all about going back to train with my aerial acrobatics trainer, my contortion trainer and my lovely friend and trapeze partner.

I will post updates on how I will do it and of my progress, and short videos of the exercises I do at home (i have a pull up bar and i do flexibility training).

2 months ago, in the middle of my training pause I registered to to help me maintain my flexibility and some of my strength and got some peace of mind, so if you decide that you need some extra something or to rest from aerial but keep your strength and flexibility i do recommend this website.







Meanwhile I bought a new hoop (woooohooooo) on fire toys so I can’t wait to start all over again!!

It’s a new multi-point hoop so I can train either on a single point or on a double point. I AM SO EXCITED!My new FireToys Hoop!













Here is a link to where i bought it from if you are interested:

firetoys hoop

If you want to follow me through my journey to get back my aerial MoJo come and visit me on this website starting the second week of September, and if you have any questions regarding this please don’t hesitate to write me.

Emily Cage

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