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Flying in the desert

There is something very primal and right about doing aerial in the desert.

Flying in the Desert - Emily Cage
For a long time now i’ve been wanting to go out and do aerial in different landscapes, and 2 days ago i finally did.
We were on the way back from a holiday and we stopped in the middle of the road next to a huge crater called “Makhtesh Ramon” where my rigger husband hanged my hammock and i did some aerial.
The feeling of the wind caresses your body when you are outside is so liberating and calming.
At the beginning i was a bit overwhelmed by the open space around me, but i got used to it quite fast, which left me “only” with my fear of height…

But, as you can see at the photos the hammock was hanged very low, so i could always take a look at the floor, and get my piece again.

It was very calming and liberating, and i am planning to do that again very soon.
Hope you will like the photos,
Flying in the Desert - Emily Cage
Flying in the Desert - Emily Cage
Flying in the Desert - Emily Cage
Flying in the Desert - Emily Cage
Flying in the Desert - Emily CageFlying in the Desert - Emily CageFlying in the Desert - Emily CageFlying in the Desert - Emily Cage
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Warm-Up for aerial acrobatics – Beginners

Aerial Hoop Warm-UpHi everybody, I was asked to make a warm-up and stretches video – so i did 🙂

Warm-up is very important before starting to practice. It prepares your body and soul. It warms your muscles and it prepares you for all the stretches and the exercise you are going to do, and it also prevents injuries. So let’s say it’s not only important, it is inseparable from the practice.
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How and where to grab the hoop

Hi everybody!
I have decided to make a series of posts about safety that I will post from time to time.

Safety is number 1 when you are dealing with aerial, so I think that it should be an inseparable part of my blog.
This time I will be talking about grabbing the hoop (this lesson is also good for trapeze grab).

The right way to grab the hoop with your hand, will be to put 4 fingers on the bar, and the thumb on the opposite side, right against the 4 fingers.

This grip is different than what we usually do, and I have noticed that this grip doesn’t come naturally to most people, but this is VERY IMPORTANT!

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Inspiration for the day

Inspiration on a Hoop by Emily CageFrom time to time you tell yourself “ahhhhh i will never be able to do this”.
Most of the time YOU ARE WRONG!


I find myself saying that, in many occasions, when i really want someone to tell me “You can do it!”
Well, i’m here to tell you that you CAN do it. You can do anything you set your mind on doing, and this are not just words.


A lot of our time we act according to social conventions, and this makes us put ourselves boundaries that there is no reason to put them other than the fact that someone else on some newspaper / talk show / internet told us that we should put.


I find myself fighting a lot with the way i look, how old i am, what is the “right” thing to be and behave, but at the end of the day, i try to take all of these boundaries and put them in a little place up my brain and to acknowledge that they are there, but now it’s time to shut them up and start do what i want to do, really want to do.


When i finish every practice i can’t help but thinking if i’m tired because i’m not good enough / strong enough / flexible enough and so many other doubts, but then i remind myself that i’m doing it for the FUN of that, for the good feeling in that practice. I’m not on a race to anywhere; i’m not in hurry.
I should respect my body, enjoy it and take a GOOD care of it.


Criticism is good.
When i need some criticism, i turn to the RIGHT people, the people who understand the profession but also UNDERSTAND me. Criticism can hurt but it can also make you GROW and become BETTER.
But anyway, i always keep this video (it’s a facebook link) to remind me that there is anything i can do if i set my mind on it, and give myself enough time:
All my love,



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The Ball – Pike – A beginner’s position

The Ball - Aerial Hoop Online Tutorial
The Ball is a beginner’s position.
That was my nemesis when i just started learning aerial hoop.
The hardest thing with this position is that in life we are not used to make our abdominal muscles to work in this way, so please, don’t get upset if this doesn’t work for the first time.

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Hi there and welcome to my “Fly Fit – Aerial Hoop Classes” blog.
My name is Emily Cage and I’m an aerial hoop artist, an aerial hoop teacher and a visual arts performer.
When i started learning aerial acrobatics i soon understood that aerial hoop it the aerial apparatus i enjoy the most.
As i started focusing on it, i realized that in my country (Israel) there were not many aerial hoop teachers, as aerial hoop was a side thing next to the ‘oh so amazing’ silks.
Well, i didn’t feel that way and was forced to study from videos of shows on you tube, books i bought but never a good “How To”.

So, i decided to make a “How To” for all the people out there that would like to learn.

I see aerial acrobatics as a beautiful and amazing way to get in fit, to try something new, to widen your horizons and to actually fly.

So come on and join me, lets have some fun!