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Pencil Under the Hoop – Aerial Hoop Online Class

Pencil Under the Hoop - Aerial Hoop Online ClassThis pose is beautiful by itself but, as many other poses, it’s a transition to many other poses.

If you are a beginner you most likely won’t succeed to get into it very easily, and this is why i show in the video also an easier way to get into it, BUT it is important to remember that this is not the RIGHT way to get into it, it is an easier way to help you understand what it feels like to be in this pose.

This pose works really good on your core and your back muscles so it is actually good to try it many times if you are a beginner because it helps you get stronger on your aerial hoop.

A lot of people get into this pose but don’t succeed to stay there in a stable way and the reason is that their knees are not touching each other. If once you get into the position and straighten your legs you will touch your knees one to another you will be stabilized and it will be easy to stay there.

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