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Roll in the Hoop – Intermediate Tutorial

This roll is a hard move on the shoulders and should be done low and with a spotter.Roll in the Hoop

Before you attempt this move, you should be able to come up to pike in the hoop without using the top bar with your legs. That means that you have a good core strength. You also need to have a strong shoulders because the roll is hard on the shoulders flexibility wise and strength wise. You need to know that you can count on your shoulders to be strong enough not to get dislocated(!!!).

Be honest with yourself, are you strong enough to do this move? This is really important. You can always wait a bit, get stronger, and go back to it.

When you land after the roll, you land on the “soft” part of your knee, under the Patella, or on the Tibia bone. On the Tibia bone it’s more painful but possible

Take from Webmed website:

Here is the video I made for you, I hope you will enjoy it and please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions.




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