Semi Sidesplit – The Gazelle – Aerial Tutorial for Beginners

Semi Sidesplit – The Gazelle – Aerial Tutorial for BeginnersHi everybody,

Today we are talking about the Semi Side Split – The Gazelle.

A lot of the moves we do in aerial have the beginners way of doing it and the advanced one. The advanced move is learned after you master the beginners move, and after you get stronger and feel comfortable in the beginners move.

The Gazelle is what comes before the full Side Split, or as some call it, The American Split, and it is also a very beautiful move by itself.
It is very important to master it before you move on to the full split, as it can be a bit weird to be upside down for the first time in this position, and it takes time until you feel comfortable in it.

It is also very important NOT to let go of the hoop before you did it a few times and before you feel really comfortable just being there.
If you don’t have a full split, don’t worry about it, you will still be able to do it, AS LONG AS YOU KEEP THE LEG THAT NEEDS TO BE STRAIGHT – STRAIGHT.

This is also the most important thing I have to say about this move, KEEP YOUR LEG STRAIGHT.

Please do not try to do this on your own, get somebody to watch over you.

Hope you will like it, let me know.

Emily Cage

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