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How to Get Your Splits FAST – You Can’t!

How to Get Your Split FastLately I see in many of my YouTube wanderings, videos on “How to get your splits FAST”.

You can’t get your splits fast. Getting your splits, like every flexibility skills, takes time and work.

In order to be able to do your splits you need to take your time and start with a good warm up. Hence you need to stretch, keeping in mind the difference between a good stretch and a bad one (one that feels like a pinch or a sharp pain).

Working on splits can take several months and it is OK. It should take time and you mustn’t put too much pressure on your body, as it may cause injuries.

Take your time, inch by inch and you will see the different. Practice at least 3 times a week, and keep a day of rest in between each session. If your muscles are too stiff, breath in and while letting the air out, try to intensify the stretch. Be patient with your body and it will be kind to you 🙂

Splits on the BeachWhen I started to work on splits, I was able to reach a split of 90 degrees approximately. I never thought I will be able to do a full split, but after a hard work of several months, I got there.

It is usually easier for one leg to do the split than for the other. When my right leg’s hamstrings got injured due to an excessive practice on my splits, a friend advised me wisely to take the opportunity to work on my other leg’s split, and therefore today I have good splits on both legs.

It is always better to work on flexibility on both sides of the body so that everything will be balanced and just as strong. Imbalance can cause back pains and posture problems.

Another important thing that helps is magnesium.

Magnesium is a supplement that I take every day before going to sleep. It helps to relax the muscles and this way, the day after a workout, your muscles are ready for the stretch again. I never work out if my muscles are cramped.

You can check the warm up for splits and the splits on my “Warm Up for Aerial” video starting at 08:40 min.

Send me your stretching photos and I would love to post them, and always remember to be kind to your body!


Emily Cage

2 thoughts on “How to Get Your Splits FAST – You Can’t!

  1. I totally agree. It took me over a year of consistent practice (3 times a week) to get my front split. I’m still working on my middle splits but I find it to be much harder. I need to try your magnesium tip.

    1. It took me also about a year of serious work but i can say that after getting my splits getting the over splits was faster.

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