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Stretching, Stretching, Stretching

Natalia Maria Wojciechowska
Natalia Maria Wojciechowska

Since moving to Berlin I have started working more seriously on my flexibility. I find myself surfing on the net a lot finding very interesting reading material and videos. I would like to share some of this with you.

I used to do some stretching with my warm up but not working on it separately. Just before I left Tel-Aviv I started taking stretching lessons with Miriam Merson, and since getting to Berlin I stretch every other day and even have a contortion private trainer.

I see a huge difference between how i was 6 months ago and how I am today, and this make a big difference in my practice. I can reach different places now and do new poses that I couldn’t do before, BUT, and this is very important, I also worked a lot on my strength and became stronger. I think that one can’t come without the other. If you want to get more flexible you have to become stronger, because becoming more flexible can cause  fluctuation in your joints, and you must have strong muscles to hold your joints in place even and especially if they go beyond their limits.

I found 2 great videos by Natalia Maria Wojciechowska.

The first one is all about stretching your quadriceps and hip flexor. This is a great way to get more flexibility in your split but also it helps with your back flexibility.

The second video is about how to get ready for chest stand.

Chest stand is something that everyone who is working on his / hers back flexibility is aiming to have. For me it is very frightening to get into this position and I find this video very helpful in getting ready for it:

This is Natalia’s facebook and this is her very interesting and full of knowledge Stretching page.

I would like to add to these videos though that according to my stretching teacher and contortion trainer it is not recommended to round the spine during deep bending regularly and all the time in between. It is mostly done after the back bends session. But if you feel you need it, than you can do it.


If you have flexibility videos that you like or that help you in getting better with your flexibility, please send me and I will be happy to post them.

If you want to see my progress you are very welcome to my Instagram – emilyscage or #flyandfit


Have a great and flexy weekend!

Emily Cage


5 thoughts on “Stretching, Stretching, Stretching

  1. I totally agree that you need to be very careful with you back bending, especially if you are older and not naturally flexible. It needs to be done carefully because it is easy to overdo it. I sometimes feel a little pain in my lower back after doing bridges, for example. I recenty took a stretching workshop with Mario Valentino who recommended back bends shouldn’t be practiced more often than once a week and the stretching session shouldn’t be too long.

    1. I agree with the fact that deep back bends shouldn’t be practiced very often, especially if you are older, at least not the same pose over and over again, but there are plenty of other things that can be practiced in order to encourage more back flexibility like a lot of Vinyasa poses. So I will do deep back bends once a week but I will work on my back 2 more times a week with Vinyasa. Very easy and very slow…

    2. Thanks for shnairg. Always good to find a real expert.

  2. Thank You for sharing. If you have any stretching questions, please write to me at FB Natalia stretches or to my official email addres:

  3. I guess finding useful, reliable inaofmrtion on the internet isn’t hopeless after all.

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