The Good Coach The Bad Coach – Part 2, What Types of Coaches Did I Meet?

I’ve been in the aerial acrobatics world for almost 10 years, that means 10 years of taking classes and meeting many different kinds of trainers. Some were really good and some… as you can read from Part 1 of this post were not that amazing. All of them shaped me to become the kind of aerialist and performer I am today and I am always searching for more trainers to learn from.

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Arrow – Aerial Hoop Online Tutorial

Arrow - Aerial Hoop Tutorial

The Arrow is a posture I found on my favorite aerial hoop book.











This is the book I go to when I need some new ideas.


Livre Méthodologie Cerceau – aerial hoop book

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Pencil Under the Hoop – Aerial Hoop Online Class

Pencil Under the Hoop - Aerial Hoop Online ClassThis pose is beautiful by itself but, as many other poses, it’s a transition to many other poses.

If you are a beginner you most likely won’t succeed to get into it very easily, and this is why i show in the video also an easier way to get into it, BUT it is important to remember that this is not the RIGHT way to get into it, it is an easier way to help you understand what it feels like to be in this pose.
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Warm-Up for aerial acrobatics – Beginners

Aerial Hoop Warm-UpHi everybody, I was asked to make a warm-up and stretches video – so i did 🙂

Warm-up is very important before starting to practice. It prepares your body and soul. It warms your muscles and it prepares you for all the stretches and the exercise you are going to do, and it also prevents injuries. So let’s say it’s not only important, it is inseparable from the practice.
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