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The Physics of Rigging from Trees / Delbert L. Hall

I got Delbert L. Hall’s permission to post this article that he wrote on his website. This is for all of you aerialists:

Delbert L. Hall

President of D2 Flying Effects, LLC
ETCP Certified Rigger – Theatre
ETCP Recognized Trainer

If you have read much of anything that I have written over the last 30 years, you know that I do not like to say “don’t do that,” but rather, “if you do that, then this will be the result,” or “you must contend with such and such.” This same logic applies to rigging from trees, you can do it, but you must understand the forces and how to properly deal with them.

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Aerial Animals – Circus Equipment

Aerial Animals – Circus EquipmentHere is a post from the Trapeze Group on Yahoo, that I thought of re-posting:

“Just want to let you know that Aerial Animals, in partnership with Ludwig, has developed and tested its aerial straps and has numerous aerial schools and professionals using them.
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