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Cradle – Beginner’s Move

CradleCradle is a very beautiful move and transition. It is a place where you can rest and catch your breath and it is a place to tell your story, this is why I love it so much because you have room to express in it. The way you hold your hands, the way you move your free leg, it is a place to express.
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Online Classes – Bird’s Nest

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Online Classes – Arrow

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Arrow – Aerial Hoop Online Tutorial

Arrow - Aerial Hoop Tutorial

The Arrow is a posture I found on my favorite aerial hoop book.











This is the book I go to when I need some new ideas.


Livre Méthodologie Cerceau – aerial hoop book

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Grand Split (Splits Away) – Aerial Hoop Class for Beginners

Grand Split - Aerial Hoop Class for BeginnersThe Grand Split (Splits Away) is a beginner’s move. It is a pose by itself but it is also a transition to a lot of other moves.

It is a relatively easy move, but the way you get in and out of it is very important.
I always teach this move on the 1st or 2nd lesson, because this is how my students start to understand not only the move itself but also how important it is to be smooth and to keep your movements clean.
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Semi Sidesplit – The Gazelle – Aerial Tutorial for Beginners

Semi Sidesplit – The Gazelle – Aerial Tutorial for BeginnersHi everybody,

Today we are talking about the Semi Side Split – The Gazelle.

A lot of the moves we do in aerial have the beginners way of doing it and the advanced one. The advanced move is learned after you master the beginners move, and after you get stronger and feel comfortable in the beginners move.
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How To Get On the Hoop for the Very First Time

How_to_get_on_the_hoopHi everybody,

I was asked about getting on the hoop for the very first time, so i made a video for beginners that have never been on anything that is aerial, or for people that doesn’t have the strength to hold themselves up with their arms.
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How and where to grab the hoop

Hi everybody!
I have decided to make a series of posts about safety that I will post from time to time.

Safety is number 1 when you are dealing with aerial, so I think that it should be an inseparable part of my blog.
This time I will be talking about grabbing the hoop (this lesson is also good for trapeze grab).

The right way to grab the hoop with your hand, will be to put 4 fingers on the bar, and the thumb on the opposite side, right against the 4 fingers.

This grip is different than what we usually do, and I have noticed that this grip doesn’t come naturally to most people, but this is VERY IMPORTANT!

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