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What’s Next?

I would like to start this post by saying “i’m sorry” for all of you who feel like I’ve neglected you.On the way from London to Berlin

I changed countries (again), moved from UK (London) to Germany (Berlin).

In the past few months my husband and I didn’t know where we will live and I was a bit out of my game but now i’m back!

I am going back to train seriously and though I tried to maintain my power i didn’t really do anything artistic since May, so the next 2 months (starting week 2 of September) will be all about going back to train with my aerial acrobatics trainer, my contortion trainer and my lovely friend and trapeze partner.

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Aerial Animals – Circus Equipment

Aerial Animals – Circus EquipmentHere is a post from the Trapeze Group on Yahoo, that I thought of re-posting:

“Just want to let you know that Aerial Animals, in partnership with Ludwig, has developed and tested its aerial straps and has numerous aerial schools and professionals using them.
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