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Online Classes – Pencil Under the Hoop

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The Ball – Pike – A beginner’s position

The Ball - Aerial Hoop Online Tutorial
The Ball is a beginner’s position.
That was my nemesis when i just started learning aerial hoop.
The hardest thing with this position is that in life we are not used to make our abdominal muscles to work in this way, so please, don’t get upset if this doesn’t work for the first time.

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Hi there and welcome to my “Fly Fit – Aerial Hoop Classes” blog.
My name is Emily Cage and I’m an aerial hoop artist, an aerial hoop teacher and a visual arts performer.
When i started learning aerial acrobatics i soon understood that aerial hoop it the aerial apparatus i enjoy the most.
As i started focusing on it, i realized that in my country (Israel) there were not many aerial hoop teachers, as aerial hoop was a side thing next to the ‘oh so amazing’ silks.
Well, i didn’t feel that way and was forced to study from videos of shows on you tube, books i bought but never a good “How To”.

So, i decided to make a “How To” for all the people out there that would like to learn.

I see aerial acrobatics as a beautiful and amazing way to get in fit, to try something new, to widen your horizons and to actually fly.

So come on and join me, lets have some fun!