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The Battle Between Strength and Flexibility / Yuri Marmerstein

Photo by Brandon Wells
Photo by Brandon Wells

I came across this note on Yuri Marmerstein’s Facebook and wanted to share it with you:

“The battle between strength and flexibility is ongoing. When we gain one, we lose the other.
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Challenges that Inspire You

About 2 months ago i came across an abs challenge on Facebook. Now I am not the person to work out all day at the gym, in fact i really hate the “regular” way of practicing where you run on a treadmill to nowhere or lift your hands thousands of times in the air with some weights on them. This is very boring for me.
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3 Inspiring Aerial Hoop Videos

3 Inspiring Aerial Hoop VideosI have recently got to see 3 different videos that inspired me a lot, so I decided to share those here.

Each and every one of them is very different in hoop work and in feel, and I think there is a lot to learn from each.

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It is Never Too Late – The World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher

I’ve been following Master Tao Porchon-Lynch on the web for some time now. At the age of 95, she’s the oldest yoga teacher in the world.
She’s a former actress and dancer, who just recently started dancing again, and she is a very inspiring spirit.

Here is a short video about her:

And her website:

and a wonderful photo shoot that she took part in her 95th birthday(!!!):

So if you ever feel like you’re too old, and that it is too late for you to do something, remember that no matter what age you are, this is only the beginning and it is never too late.

Always try too be all that you can be.

Emily Cage

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Inspiration for the day

Inspiration on a Hoop by Emily CageFrom time to time you tell yourself “ahhhhh i will never be able to do this”.
Most of the time YOU ARE WRONG!


I find myself saying that, in many occasions, when i really want someone to tell me “You can do it!”
Well, i’m here to tell you that you CAN do it. You can do anything you set your mind on doing, and this are not just words.


A lot of our time we act according to social conventions, and this makes us put ourselves boundaries that there is no reason to put them other than the fact that someone else on some newspaper / talk show / internet told us that we should put.


I find myself fighting a lot with the way i look, how old i am, what is the “right” thing to be and behave, but at the end of the day, i try to take all of these boundaries and put them in a little place up my brain and to acknowledge that they are there, but now it’s time to shut them up and start do what i want to do, really want to do.


When i finish every practice i can’t help but thinking if i’m tired because i’m not good enough / strong enough / flexible enough and so many other doubts, but then i remind myself that i’m doing it for the FUN of that, for the good feeling in that practice. I’m not on a race to anywhere; i’m not in hurry.
I should respect my body, enjoy it and take a GOOD care of it.


Criticism is good.
When i need some criticism, i turn to the RIGHT people, the people who understand the profession but also UNDERSTAND me. Criticism can hurt but it can also make you GROW and become BETTER.
But anyway, i always keep this video (it’s a facebook link) to remind me that there is anything i can do if i set my mind on it, and give myself enough time:
All my love,