Stretch Routine and Chest Stand

Some warm-up for my back

Some warm-up for my back

Lately I started working out at the gym to become stronger for my aerial training. I try to work out every second day, when i’m not doing aerial training.

Every training at the gym takes me about 2.5 hours and I’ve noticed that after that my body is very flexible and it feels as if it wants to get bent.

So, learning more and more how to listen to my body, I started stretching after my training while i’m still at the gym.

I wanted to make a video of me stretching and than I found this lovely lady’s video that I feel is really similar to my back bend routine.

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How to Get Your Splits FAST – You Can’t!

How to Get Your Split FastLately I see in many of my YouTube wanderings, videos on “How to get your splits FAST”.

You can’t get your splits fast. Getting your splits, like every flexibility skills, takes time and work.

In order to be able to do your splits you need to take your time and start with a good warm up. Hence you need to stretch, keeping in mind the difference between a good stretch and a bad one (one that feels like a pinch or a sharp pain).
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Warm-Up for aerial acrobatics – Beginners

Aerial Hoop Warm-UpHi everybody, I was asked to make a warm-up and stretches video – so i did 🙂

Warm-up is very important before starting to practice. It prepares your body and soul. It warms your muscles and it prepares you for all the stretches and the exercise you are going to do, and it also prevents injuries. So let’s say it’s not only important, it is inseparable from the practice.
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