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Keeping Your Balance – Aerial Tutorial

Keeping Your Balance - Aerial Hoop TutorialThe first thing I teach, after teaching How to Get on the Hoop, is how to keep your balance.

Finding your balance is very important both physically and mentally. You need to learn how to find your balance in each position on the hoop (as in life 🙂 ) and so this is a good way to start.
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It is Never Too Late – The World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher

I’ve been following Master Tao Porchon-Lynch on the web for some time now. At the age of 95, she’s the oldest yoga teacher in the world.
She’s a former actress and dancer, who just recently started dancing again, and she is a very inspiring spirit.

Here is a short video about her:

And her website:

and a wonderful photo shoot that she took part in her 95th birthday(!!!):

So if you ever feel like you’re too old, and that it is too late for you to do something, remember that no matter what age you are, this is only the beginning and it is never too late.

Always try too be all that you can be.

Emily Cage