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Shoulders and Lower Back Warm-Up

Whenever I start my training of course I warm up in general, then my legs and then my back.

I realized that many times I start warming up my lower back too fast and this causes me pain in the lower back after training, not to mention that my back does not function very well while training as it is not warm enough.

I also learned that if I crunch my butt while arching my back everything works better and I have no pain in my lower back.

The last thing is that if my back is strong enough (muscles wise) as so my stomach, everything works in harmony and the back bending overall is much better.

I found that this short drill when it's done as the first thing to warm up my back really helps.

First I warm up my shoulders very gently, as you can see on the video, then my back very slowly, small steps.

I'll try to put minimum pressure on the roller so that my back muscles will actually lift me up and not only my arms, and, of course, I keep my shoulders down.

Try it out and let me know if it helped you and if you added it to your drill?


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