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Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Welcome to Fly and Fit! Fly and Fit started as an aerial acrobatics studio that I had while living in Tel Aviv. In time I moved to Berlin, then to London and back to Berlin, where I live, work and perform these days.

When I started training in aerial acrobatics, more than 10 years ago, I noticed that it was very hard for me to find comfortable training clothes that are not made of synthetic fabrics. I needed something that will not stick to me, that will not be slippery, that will be comfortable, that will not go up my butt and that I will not sweat in it because it's actually plastic oh yes, and I wanted it to be pretty!

I wanted to feel good and look good while training, while stretching, while doing yoga and while dancing.

I had to go to dance shops to buy the most simple leotards and shorts in outrages prices and so, as time went by I decided to create my own clothing and combine my old love of sewing with my love for training and so Fly and Fit Active Apparel was born.

I wasn't sure though that I am on the right path so I decided to send my back warmers and shorts to aerialists around the world to try them on and they did! I received some compliments and some notes regarding how to make it better and now I can honestly say that these are the comfortable, pretty, fair priced clothing items I wanted to train in.

So, I am very happy and proud to share these with you and please, if you have any offers or questions please don't hesitate to write me, I am always happy to hear!

In this blog I will also share my knowledge of 8 years of teaching aerial hoop and I will create tutorials for you and also share my thoughts with you.

I will be happy to hear from you back.

Sincerely yours,

Emily Cage


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