Comfortable shorts for training, dancing, yoga and everyday life.
These shorts can be worn high or low waist and this is what makes them good for aerialists but also for pole dancers, for yoga training and for every kind of activity really.


The double fold waistband is more comfortable than an elastic waistband because it doesn't cut your belly but still keeps them in place.


You can also wear them on top leggings so you will get extra padding and protection when training aerial acrobatics.


These shorts are very comfortable for training and are not slippery on aerial apparatuses because they are made of cotton.


Your bottom will be covered if you wear them with no leggings and will hold your stomach in place if you wear them as a high waist.


* When they were created, these shorts were sent to aerialists around the world to try them on and got very good reviews!



XS - Waist 23-24 inches
S - Waist 25-26 inches
M - Waist 27-28 inches
L - Waist 29-30 inches
XL - Waist 30-31 inches


This fabric is elastic and these shorts suppose to be tight so please take this into consideration.

High Raise Black Shorts

€25.00 Regular Price
€22.00Sale Price
  • 95% cotton 5% elastane.