These double-sided back warmers, which are also called waist warmers or Haramaki, are made of cotton fabric and are a good way to keep your back warm during practice and in everyday life to prevent lower back pain.


They can be worn on both sides so when you buy one you actually get 2 wearing options.


Because of their softness, they are comfortable to wear throughout the day and night.


These back warmers are elastic so they will stay in place over your body or over your leotard/shirt without slipping down and can be worn by a range of body types.


Because the fabric is light and cuddly they keep you warm but do not itch.





23 cm high 62 cm circumference


23 cm high 66 cm circumference


25 cm high 70 cm circumference


You can choose which color you would like to go with black:
Violet / Yellow / Petrol / Smoky Blue / Black.


* Please note that the fabric is elastic so don't take a too large back warmer, they are supposed to be tight.

** These Back Warmers were sent to aerialists around the world to try them on and got very good reviews!

Don't forget to check the shorts that can go with this back warmer, we have a special deal for that!

Back Warmer - Double Sided - Multi-color

  • 95% cotton 5% elastane.